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Six economics-related newsletters you should read in 2022

Joe Manchin’s friends aren’t listening to him

Amazon still isn't doing enough to stop bait-and-switch reviews

Why the Fed’s words speak louder than actions

Why battery costs have plunged 89 percent since 2010

Tucker Carlson is spreading misinformation about the inflation rate

Inflation-adjusted college tuition is finally falling

Why low-paid workers have enjoyed a long wage boom

Biden should allow Zoom visa interviews to ease the labor shortage

These are our six best stories so far

The Democrats’ child care proposal is deeply flawed

A famous coding bootcamp is rethinking its unusual business model

No, the real inflation rate isn’t 15 percent

Thank the GOP for the global minimum tax

Bubbles are hard to spot, even in hindsight

Here's who wins and loses in an inflationary time

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The 2000s housing bubble was greatly exaggerated

How COVID-19 broke my favorite labor economics chart

Noncompetes are bad for workers—let's get rid of them

Don’t play the frontload gambit

Our corporate tax system is our best so far—don’t break it

The New York Times addresses our shadow inflation thesis

Save the magnet schools

A Democratic climate policy could help the world decarbonize

Why streaming content keeps vanishing—and how to stop it

Republicans won’t help on the debt limit—their voters won’t let them

What some environmentalists miss about Uber and Lyft

These companies are eager to lend you money to shop online

There’s a simple way to expand access to health care

How California plans to turn the screws on NIMBY cities

How Republicans can fight for their growing blue-collar base

Why Democrats are getting squeamish about taxing the moderately rich

How are we doing?

How a key Biden tax idea got crushed

Cryptocurrency’s regulatory honeymoon is over

How luxury apartment buildings help low-income renters

The problem with Milton Friedman's idea for student loans

Why El Salvador made Bitcoin an official currency

How I reluctantly became an inflation crank

Why Joe Manchin is threatening to torpedo Biden's fiscal plan

Tesla is finally getting serious about self-driving

Replacing Powell would be a blunder for Biden

Will Amazon’s no-checkout technology destroy jobs?

The Mountain Lions: these nine cities boomed in the COVID era

NIMBYs in SF demanded a smaller building—the developer made it bigger

A painful trade shock is coming to Afghanistan

Sorry, deficit hawks: low interest rates are here to stay

What I learned visiting two cutting-edge Amazon grocery stores

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