Full Stack Economics, by Timothy B. Lee

I’m a reporter who has written about technology, economics, and public policy for more than a decade. Before I launched Full Stack Economics, I wrote for the Washington Post, Vox.com, and Ars Technica. Earlier in my career, I wrote about policy issues for the Cato Institute and earned a graduate degree in computer science at Princeton.

I try to draw on this background in my coverage of the economy for Full Stack Economics. I pay particular attention to the ways that new technology is changing the economy. And I make heavy use of charts and data analysis to help readers understand economic trends.

I’m working on the newsletter full-time, and I have no outside investors or donors. My goal is for the newsletter to be 100 percent reader-supported (I also sometimes earn income by syndication to or freelancing for sites like Slate and Ars Technica).

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I write the newsletter Understanding AI. Previously I was a reporter at Ars Technica, Vox, and the Washington Post. twitter.com/binarybits
Aden is a Senior at Harvard studying Economics.