I bookmarked this story when you first wrote it as a reminder to go through it later in the year. I just tried to sign up, and you're not kidding about that UX tax. Not just that, but technical problems. Damn thing is 404'ing on jQuery and not showing validation errors. For some reason a + isn't allowed in an email. The password field is silently cropping length at 16 characters. I finally figure it out and submit the final page, and I get a generic "TreasuryDirect is unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience and ask that you try again later." Went through the whole process again in a different browser, just in case, and same result.

I don't know if the annual limit is by calendar year, but I was hoping to get it done before EOY. I'll try again tomorrow, and see if I can contact them if it's still happening.

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